Fees - InterHigh School


September 2017 – July 2018

For current fees for the current year to July 2017 please contact the school office on (+44) 1873 813 900. 
Year 7 – 11

Cost of studying in Years 7, 8 and 9£2,700 p.a
Additional Key Stage 3 Subjects£200 subject p.a
Cost of studying in Years 10 and 11 inclusive of 8 core iGCSEs£3,000 p.a
Cost of studying one iGCSE£1,500 subject p.a
Additional iGCSE Subjects£400 subject p.a

Fees are due prior to the first day of term and in accordance with the published terms and conditions of place acceptance. The school reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts.


 AS and A Levels

Cost of studying per subject£1,350 p.a

Please note that attendance at any intensive science residential practical events for those studying Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics will be at an additional charge.


Registration Fee£50 per child

There is a non-returnable Registration Fee of £50 per child payable upon submission of the Application Form.


Fee Deposit

Fee Deposit £150

When a place is accepted a deposit of £150 is payable to the School. The deposit will be returned after the child’s final term at the school and any outstanding fees and other charges have been paid and in the case of children who are taking public examinations upon receipt by the school of a copy and the exam result(s). If a place is cancelled by the parent after acceptance but before the child starts school the deposit is not refundable.


Notice of Withdrawal

A minimum of one full School Term’s notice is required. Written notice of the withdrawal of a pupil must be received by the School office before the last day of the previous School Term. In the absence of such notice the Fee for the following School Term must be paid and the fee deposit will be set against any liability arising under this paragraph. School Terms are set out each year and supplied in the School Calendar available on the website (www.interhigh.co.uk)