Introducing Inter-School - InterHigh School
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Introducing Inter-School

Introducing Inter-School

We are now offering the opportunity for pupils at Key stage 3 level to trial InterHigh school for a half term.

Pupils will be offered the full curriculum in an appropriate class year group. If, at the end of the half term period in which they start, a pupil isn’t suited to this type of learning, for any reason, then no further fees are due.

Where it is decided that a pupil wishes to continue with InterHigh they will need to sign the standard conditions of attendance. (Conditions of Attendance)

Fees £600 per half term, payable in advance.

Autumn Half Term periods:  

  • Monday, 4th September – Friday, 20th October
  • Monday, 6th November – Friday, 15th December

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please type inter-school in the booking reference of the Registration Form.