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International GCSE Courses Online
Key Stage 4 Curriculum

All of our online learning International GCSEs are delivered by expert faculties in interactive, live streamed classrooms

We teach the National Curriculum for England. The programme for each subject is both engaging and promotes independent learning and further enquiry. We offer a core of 8 International GCSE examination courses online, which are followed by thousands of schools in the UK and Internationally, in the following subjects:

English Language
English Literature
Double Award Science

Pupils studying at KS3 and KS4 level can enrol onto as many or as few of the subjects from the core list as they choose. The fees remain the same.

In addition, pupils can choose additional subjects from the list below for an extra £400 per subject per year. Separate Science subjects can be taken instead of Double Award Science, fees still apply. Fees for additional subjects have to be paid in full prior to the start of the course and they cannot be switched for core subjects. (Please note, subjects that include (UK Only) can still be taken by students outside of the UK. However, as these subjects are UK based exams, students will need to travel to the UK to sit them):

Business Studies
(UK Only)
Film Studies (UK Only)

We also offer an accredited qualification in Computer Game Development.

In addition, pupils can choose from a wide a range of short courses together with a variety of teacher-led clubs (Please Note, short courses require an additional payment of £50. Courses run on a termly basis, excluding Babysitting which lasts two terms).

Science club
Art club
Chess club
Beginner’s Mandarin
Creative Writing
Advanced Creative Writing
Introduction to Childcare

Currently pupils sit examinations with the Edexcel examination board. The choice of examination board is periodically reviewed to ensure pupils are provided with the most suitable and relevant programmes of study.

A brief overview for each subject is provided below:
English Language IGCSE
English Literature IGCSE
Double Award Science IGCSE
Physics IGCSE
Chemistry IGCSE
Biology IGCSE
French IGCSE
Spanish IGCSE
German IGCSE
History IGCSE
Geography IGCSE
Business Studies IGCSE
Psychology GCSE
Film Studies GCSE
Computer Game Development

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