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Middle East – Online and Home Schooling

Middle East - Online School and Homeschooling

Are you enjoying a high living standard with low living cost in a middle eastern country?
Are you looking for a good British school for your child?
Are you running out of options?

Many cities in Middle East countries have everything from shopping to some of the best infrastructure, dining, entertainment and hotels and a lot to offer their tourists. The major cities are important centres of business and although the economies were often originally reliant on the oil industry, economies are now based more on financial services, real estate, and tourism. Many expat families living in some of the major cities like Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mercer enjoy a good social life, and outdoor activities and sports. But when it comes to finding the right secondary school for their child things can become more difficult.

“I searched the internet for a good British school for my daughter. That is how I found Interhigh. I am a teacher in UAE, and there is a shortage of what we, expats, would call a good school.”

“Although there are many British and American schools over here, they are very far from what we are used to academically and socially.

InterHigh School is an online secondary school providing a full British curriculum offering a wide range of subjects from year 7 up to IGCSE, AS and A Levels.
InterHigh allows you to access a full British Curriculum wherever you are located; saving you the time, travel and expense of having to attend a local (or not so local) International school.
Our professionally qualified teaching staff guide our pupils within a small class setting. Your son or daughter will receive a classroom timetable covering the entire curriculum, complemented by regular homework assignments, textbook and online research and 24 hour access to our online lesson library that stores the entire taught curriculum and teacher recordings.
Together with our pastoral support team we will work to ensure that our students fully engage within the school and benefit from an immersive British school experience.
Our revolutionary teaching model allows pupils to make excellent progress in rapid time – freeing them up to pursue other interests with greater energy and enthusiasm.
When it comes to formal examinations, we will make arrangements for you to sit examinations in an examination centre.
InterHigh offers the perfect foundation for future studies in the UK. We can also offer help to improve your English.