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myInterHigh is a private online community dedicated to the Students & Staff of the school


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myInterHigh is a private online community dedicated to the Pupils & Staff of the school and broadens the online experience of InterHigh. myInterHigh is a place where students can meet and share with other members of InterHigh. myInterHigh allows the user to create their very own web pages and fill them with content and multimedia elements that personalises the look and feel of they’re pages. As a member of myInterHigh, users can visit other pages designed by members of the community, and create online relationships and make new friends with the pupils they share their classes with and finally put a personality to the name.

myInterHigh is the perfect place to get to know one another and catch up with friends outside of lessons.

With the ability to fill pages with likes and dislikes, favourite books, lessons, hobbies and movies it doesn’t take long to realise that you’re in a class with others who share the same interests as yourself – no matter how obscure!

myInterHigh makes social networking fun and easy and improves technological skills with pupils constantly maintaining their pages and their digital records, and with other advanced site features myInterHigh gives the students the opportunity to get involved with basic web design and exposure to web programming.