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Take control of your learning

InterHigh is a school that puts you in control.  The online classrooms let you manage how you interact and you have direct and confidential access to the teacher at all times.  Our online library means you can organise your studies.

Best of all InterHigh gives you control over your time – most lessons start at 9:30 UK time and generally you’re finished by lunchtime leaving you with lots more time to get on with the things that motivate you most.

But don’t just take it from us – here are few quotes of what our students think of the school, or click on the videos to hear it in their own words.

After classes you can visit the common room, join our various clubs and societies or catch up with friends at myInterHigh

The Common Room

On Friday afternoons the Common Room is open to the whole school. Many extra-curricular activities take place including invited guest speakers; rehearsals and public performances; parties; demonstrations; competitions; games; hobbies; fundraising; careers advice and much more.

Here’s what Amber, one of our ex-pupils has to say about InterHigh

Amber was in the middle of studying for her A-levels, but was already highly skilled at social media. Listen to what she has to say about school in her video.


MyInterHigh is the social networking website belonging to InterHigh School. It is a private online community that lets you communicate and socialise with a growing network of mutual InterHigh friends. Pupils build and maintain their own, often very sophisticated, websites. InterHigh pupils can design the whole look and content of their pages. They can also set up and manage groups and Forums and use the InterHigh chat. As well as providing a strong close knit community this also gives very valuable modern web programming skills to a new generation of learners who can then take full advantage of their leading edge.

“this year I joined InterHigh, my first day was great and I really enjoyed it, I was really nervous about joining but when I got in the classroom everyone was like; Hi Poppy, you ok, is it your first day? and really made me feel welcome.”