Sixth Form College - InterHigh School
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Sixth Form College

Sixth Form College

InterHigh’s Sixth Form College offers 18 subjects at A Level and the chance to supplement such with other vocational or specialist training.

We encourage flexible, independent learning this provides the perfect foundation for further education and university.

The unique online nature of our college means that there is little constraint on our timetable – this enables our students to select almost any combination of our AS and A Level subjects on offer. InterHigh offers great flexibility – to study three A Level courses requires students to commit to only 12 hours of classroom study a week. These can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection so that students can plan other activities, self-study or a job with minimal disruption. Our approach also supports and develops capable independent learners, ideally equipped to follow further studies in Higher Education. You can also combine studying at InterHigh with a traditional school or college; maybe they don’t offer the full range of subjects you’re looking for or the timetable doesn’t allow you a free choice.

As an online school we are ‘stage’ not ‘age’ based and therefore provide an ideal opportunity for young students to take A Levels early.

Why InterHigh?

Our online learning platform is accessible worldwide.
Our subjects can be taken in any combination.
Our lessons are taught in real-time, online classrooms.

On average, our students have graduated from university with an upper second class degree or higher.

As well as Oxford and Cambridge our students have gone to many Russell Group universities .Other students have taken up the first position in their chosen field or continued with their professional sporting, musical or stage careers.

Former InterHigh Student Sarah (pictured above) graduated with a degree in Law from Cambridge university.

"I'm getting the same quality of education - if not better - as I would at a mainstream college and I don't have to miss out on further education just because I'm home-schooled. Being able to do sixth form online has made me much happier, plus I have more time to dedicate to revision, homework and other interests."

A-Levels are the perfect foundations for a brilliant future. Study them with InterHigh and begin your journey into further education.